Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Garden Meditation

Last week I was preparing my garden beds for planting:

Broken and open
Ready to receive and give
Bountiful blessings.

This week I am setting out vegetable and herb plants purchased from the Lenoir City High School Greenhouse.
Tomatoes: 4 Roma, 2 Grape, 2 Better Boy (may add 2 Brandywine)
Peppers: 3 Green Bell, 2 Yellow Bell, 2 Red Bell, 2 Jalapena and 2 Cayenne
Herbs: 4 Sweet Basil, 4 Lemon Basil, 4 Dill
Other: 8 Cucumber, 4 Yellow Squash, 4 Zucchini, 4 Eggplant

Next week, with Bill's help, I'll put in seed rows of bush green beans, pole green beans and okra.

Spring peas are about 1 foot high and broccoli is growing nicely. We are eating romaine and red leaf lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and asparagus. Strawberries are developing very early, blueberry bushes are full of berries and blooms. Blackberries did not survive last summer's drought very well, but 2 remaining bushes are full of blooms, as are the rasberries. Perennial herbs are flourishing: rosemary, oregano (common and greek), chives (common and garlic), mint, lemon balm, sage, thyme (common and lemon), parsley and fennel. Shall I had some new ones this year?

My garden brings me blessings me in so many ways.