Friday, December 26, 2014

Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee

Once again we missed the Whooping Cranes but saw lots of Sandhills. Never have seen as many as the first year but spectacular nonetheless. The best experience this year was stopping just at sunset where the back road crossed a shallow cove. Flock after flock of cranes flew over, voicing their beautiful yodel. It was spectacular.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Before Christmas 2014

The days between getting home from Orange Beach and Christmas go by in a blur of holiday activity, extra volunteering, extra feast preparation, extra gift buying etc etc. I wouldn't trade a minute of those hectic days. David, Trisha, Owen and Allison were not able to travel here for Thanksgiving. Trisha's step-father passed away just before Thanksgiving and they needed to spend that time with their Missouri family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So they came for the New Year.

Claire's band concert

Cutting the tree

Ice-skating at Market Square

Matzek Family at home

Claire and Amanda being country girls

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last Chance Fishing

Monday through Wednesday, Nov 10-12, were our last fishing days. We knew that a cold front was on the way, so we made the most of our last chances.
Very calm waters, looking back at the beach and pass

Clear view of stingrays in the water
Schools of stingrays passing under the boat

View of Wind Drift from the gulf

Wind Drift from the beach, wider view

Big sheepshead was the only significant catch
Tuesday: Our best fishing day. We got out to the jetty early and experienced what we have heard about -- catching lots of slot-sized redfish. We caught 14 total and only one was undersized. The largest were just an inch over. We kept 4. We fished until we ran out of bait, until 2 pm. Later we went back to our spot under the bridge at the pass, where at 6 pm Bill caught a 25 pound redfish.
First two in the live well

Everyone was catching fish

To be filleted for the freezer

Wednesday: We didn't know if the weather would hold all day. Morning at the jetty was not so successful, but we brought in 2 mangrove (gray snapper) and a pompano. Together these will make a great meal or two. Luckily we were able to get back out late in the afternoon and a redfish cooperated. We pulled the boat out for the last time at sunset.

Watching dolphins while waiting for a hit.

The pinfish trap has been very successful

View of our dock

Last redfish under the bridge

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunny Sabbath

Sunny Sabbath walk
Along a pristine shoreline
Communion received 

Wandering Willett
searching for a meal provided
by nature's bounty

Friday, November 7, 2014

Anniversary - Nov 4-5 - New Orleans

Courtyard of the Hotel Provincial
Forty-two years wed
Celebrating memories
Old and New (Orleans)

Anniversary Dinner in their patio under the wisteria

Bill's one-time French Qtr address

Decater Street looking at the back of our hotel


French Market

Street corner

Lunch at Frady's in Harry's neighborhood - great oyster Po-boys

Frady's in Harry's neighboorhood 
Harry's House

Our Hotel Provincial on Chartres

Harry's house

Harry and Bill on the riverfront - Bywater -
Tiny spire of St. Louis Cathedral over Bill's shoulder

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Sabbath

Cold, windy Sunday
Just right for rest, reflection
And fishing, too.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Treats

Up early to fish
Three slot reds at the jetty
And flounder to eat.
14 inch flounder, just right to stuff for supper

I caught 3 of these slot reds; Bill is envious, but he will share in the feasting.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


October 28:

Just before sunset
Clouds gathering in the west
Still the light breaks through.

October 29:
Sunset on the beach
Another magnificent
Orange Beach display.
6:13 pm

6:28 pm
Redfish in the surf, only about a foot. He went back to grown bigger.

Earlier in the day, we drove to Ft. Pickens on Pensacola Beach (Santa Rosa Island) to watch another Blue Angel practice session. They flew right over our heads.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four days of fishing

The weather has been perfect for fishing, calm water, light breeze, temperature just right. We trolled and lost another plug on when something took it hard and fast. It eventually broke before spooling all the line. We fished the jetties in the morning and the pass in the evenings, except Saturday.

October 24:
Sunset at the pass
Another redfish landed.
Pattern established.

20 pounds, 35 inches, caught on a pinfish, under the bridge at 6:25 pm

October 25:

When lines go zinging

Never know what to expect.
Two sharks to the boat.

October 26:
Four hours, four fish:
Pompano, Mangrove Snapper,
Redfish, Bluefish, too.

18 pounds, 30 inches, caught at the jetties on shrimp.

October 27:
Shark in the morning
Stingray broke the line, that's it!
Redfish at sunset.
22 pounds, 37 inches, caught under the bridge on pinfish at 6:30.