Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Assorted Grandchildren - April 2014

Allison Clark in the dress that Mammaw (my grandmother) made for Laura

Allison is crawling and pulling up

Amanda in action

Claire wins 4-H demo contest

Laura's Birthday

Owen and Allison playing

Owen and Allison pose with Trisha

Owen at Cape Rock

Owen loves to slide

Owen learning to ride his bike

Looks like a spring garden - April 24

Bill and I took out all but two blueberry bushes because they were infected with twig blight. The last ones may have to go as well. We expanded the bed to accommodate a row of tomatoes. Now we have to hope for no tomato blights.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Melton Hill Wildflower Hike

Friends who know wildflowers, please help me identify the unnamed flowers or correct the identifications I've given. I need more expertise (and a better book).

Barren Strawberry

Common Blue Violet
Please help me identify this lovely little flower. I saw several clusters.

Wild Dogwood

Fern Fiddleheads

May Apple...lots of colonies of these were seen

Wild Redbud


This is a common shrub or small tree.

What will this be?

A common shrub or small tree

Common blue phlox

Yellow Trillium - these were surprisingly abundant

Early April

Swelling buds of green,
Red, orange, purple and white,
Leafless trees springing.