Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Morning Beach Walk

Sun rising
Fog lifting
Fishermen fishing
Bait catchers casting
Seagull soaring
Pelican floating
Dolphins diving
Willet feeding
I, walking and watching.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fishing again

Redfish bends the pole
Fighting for freedom and life
Landed then released
Gaftopsail catfish

Ladyfish - fun to catch and good for redfish bait

Redfish 39 inches, 25 pounds

Monday, October 9, 2017

What a difference a day makes

Sun and waves and beach
Slowly recovering their
Normal demeanor

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hurricane Nate Oct 7-8

Friday morning, we took the boat out of the water. After David and family left, we took the boat to George & Deborah Clifford's barn near Foley. We appreciate George's time and help in securing the boat. Saturday, all day, we watched the weather channel and waited around for something to happen. At 5 pm we left the condo to spend the night at the Cliffords, mainly out of concern for storm surge.  Fortunately, the night was uneventful - no worse than a thunderstorm at their location. We woke early to high water but only minor flooding.  We were back at the condo by 9 am. Sunday is breezy. Surf is very high. The dunes did their job and kept the waves off the buildings and road. The surf line came up to the edge of the dunes and in places washed over low spots. The last step of the boardwalk from our building which was about a foot above the sand yesterday is even with the sand today. The beach has added a foot or more of sand. Better than taking it away! Waves are still very high. Sun is peeking through occasionally.

Whitaker Family Oct 2-6

David, Trisha, Owen, Allison and Evangeline arrived on Monday afternoon. Weather wasn't too good, but it improved as the week went along.  Owen and Allison were very busy every day - making puppets and a kite, rearranging the beach, fishing, dolphin hunting and visiting the Naval Air Museum. Evangeline got into the action, too. They left ahead of the hurricane/tropical storm.