Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Day After Christmas

by Jane Clark Whitaker (with apology to Clement Clarke Moore)

Tis the day after Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings hung back by the chimney with care,
Emptied of goodies that had been placed there.

The children gone home to sleep in their beds,
While memories of candies now dance in their heads.
And I in my pj's with cat in my lap,
Have just settled just settled down for an afternoon nap.

Remembering yesterday's clutter and clatter,
I had to wonder, did it all really matter.
The paper in tatters and gleeful shouts,
As ribbons and bows were scattered about.

The voices of children both old and young,
Joined in the laughter of games and fun.
And to top it all off, what then did appear,
But a feast fit for Christmas for family to share.

The gifts were all given with hearts full of love
And the day had a luster that came from above.
The quiet is lovely, I'm glad that it's come
But I miss the chaos of my family at home.

I'm thinking of you who have traveled my way
Sharing the journey for part of a day.
Old friends from childhood, cousins and kin,
New friends and loved ones I'll see soon again.

To friends and family, nearby and far way
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-day"
May the love of the season stay in your heart
And the New Year have a prosperous start.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Thanksgiving 2015

Feasting is finished
Dishes are done, waiting life's
Next celebration.

Thanksgiving was celebrated with our traditional menu. Mike, Laura, Claire and Amanda Matzek and Chris and Erin Collins shared the feast.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Days in Orange Beach

Events of this week make me hesitate to title this post "Last Days" without qualification. World events are discouraging and the path to peace is unknown. I wanted to post on Facebook the Eifel Tower peace sign with the comment,
Violence begets violence
Hate begets hate
Love begets love
Peace begets peace.
Why in this political climate does that seem too extreme?

Now to last Beach Days....
Last sunset, last beach
Walk alongside rolling surf
Toes chilled in the sand.

Two slot reds -- last ones we caught.

Lost one on the last outing

Pompano in the surf

Beach jewels

Orange Beach Sunset - We will miss it!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Heron Fishing

Heron is watching
Hoping our discards provide
A tasty breakfast.

We caught fed him/her breakfast

Fishing Life, Oct 23 - Nov 6

Oct 23 - Fishing pressure under the bridge
We counted more than a dozen boats
Oct 26 - 10-ft surf

Oct 26 - Highest surf wash we've seen

Oct 27 - Flooded Docks

Oct 29 - Black tip Shark about 3 1/2 ft l

Oct 29 - Big Redfish

Oct 29 - Another big redfish

Oct 29 - A big redfish
Oct 30 - Beach buddies
Oct 30 - Gaftopsail catfish
We caught lots of these under the bridge
Nov 2 - Bucket full of redfish
6 fish at almost 35 pounds
Oct 29 - Heron landed on the boat rail-
What was he/she thinking???
Nov 4 - Flounder and Sheepshead
Our anniversary - dinner at Shipp's Harbour
Nov 5 - Our flounder stuffed with crab
Nov 6 - Nice slot red caught at the jetty
Oct 30 - The one that got away
Oct 27 - Rainbow

Nov 2 - Six slot reds

Nov 5 - Sunset Surf-fishing

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunset at the Pass

Sunset at the Pass
Last rays on the horizon
Peaceful close of day

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beach Life - Oct 20 - Walking in the Wind

In response to Connie Jordan Green's poem, "Turning the Corner,"

Words sculpted away
"Til only the essential
Remains - Poetry.

Walking on a Windy Morning

Leaned hard into it,
Rushing past my ear

Persistent push at my back
Helping me along,
Roar quietened.

Nothing changed but
My direction.

Beach Life - Oct 19

October 19
Sand smoothed by the wind
Waves built up and breaking hard
By the same strong wind.

Empty beach

4-6 ft waves breaking over the sand bar

First Red Flag day

This day was too windy for beach sitting or fishing, but just right for the deck, reading, laundry. Ended with supper at Deborah and George Clifford's beautiful house.

Beach Life with Matzeks - Oct 10 - 18

October 16-18
Matzeks left early Sunday morning. Friday and Saturday were primarily beach days. Bill and I got in a little fishing on Friday.
Moon taken through the scope using iPhone

Another one landed in the dark. Not as big as he looks.

October 15
A busy day began with a sunrise walk on the beach with Claire and Amanda. The gulf was as flat as it gets, so we took a boat ride beyond the jetties and in front of the condo. The was was crystal clear and we could see schools of fish as well as many skates and rays. On the way back, Bill dropped off the rest of us on Hermit Crab Island for couple of hours of exploration and fun. Later, we rode in the boat to Tacky Jack's for supper.

October 14
Beach day, snorkeling, Claire fishing with us, successful dolphin hunt at sunset.

October 12:
Began like most days with an early beach walk, then tennis for Laura, Mike, Amanda and Bill. Claire collected hermit crabs at the dock and played with them for a while. Matzeks spent part of the day on Hermit Crab Island (known locally as Robinson Island).

October 11
Matzeks arrived on Saturday about 5 pm so they had a little time for the beach before dark. On Sunday, they rented a paddleboard for the afternoon and enjoyed the mild surf in front of the condo.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Beach Life - Between families - Oct 9

October 9
A day sandwiched between David's family and Laura's family. We got in a morning fishing trip and another at sunset. Hooked up a sting-ray in the am. At about sunset we hooked two redfish at the same time and got tangled. We managed to land both.
Big sting ray at the jetty in the morning.

28 pounder

A little smaller

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beach Life with Whitakers - Oct 3-8

October 8
Whitaker's enjoyed the beach and surf-fishing until lunch time and left shortly after lunch. It was a short but excitingly full week.
Allison Clark Whitaker

Owen Robert Whitaker
October 7
Beach, surf-fishing, playground with Owen

October 6
Bill and I took Owen and Allison to the Naval Aviation Museum. Owen remembered it from last year and wanted to see the "shark plane." Allison loved climbing into the cockpits and pretending to drive.

October 5
A fun beach day building sand castles and sea turtles. Allison would not touch the sand.

October 3-4
Owen found a feather, stuck in in his cap and we called him Mr. Macaroni.