Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Thanksgiving 2015

Feasting is finished
Dishes are done, waiting life's
Next celebration.

Thanksgiving was celebrated with our traditional menu. Mike, Laura, Claire and Amanda Matzek and Chris and Erin Collins shared the feast.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Days in Orange Beach

Events of this week make me hesitate to title this post "Last Days" without qualification. World events are discouraging and the path to peace is unknown. I wanted to post on Facebook the Eifel Tower peace sign with the comment,
Violence begets violence
Hate begets hate
Love begets love
Peace begets peace.
Why in this political climate does that seem too extreme?

Now to last Beach Days....
Last sunset, last beach
Walk alongside rolling surf
Toes chilled in the sand.

Two slot reds -- last ones we caught.

Lost one on the last outing

Pompano in the surf

Beach jewels

Orange Beach Sunset - We will miss it!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Heron Fishing

Heron is watching
Hoping our discards provide
A tasty breakfast.

We caught fed him/her breakfast

Fishing Life, Oct 23 - Nov 6

Oct 23 - Fishing pressure under the bridge
We counted more than a dozen boats
Oct 26 - 10-ft surf

Oct 26 - Highest surf wash we've seen

Oct 27 - Flooded Docks

Oct 29 - Black tip Shark about 3 1/2 ft l

Oct 29 - Big Redfish

Oct 29 - Another big redfish

Oct 29 - A big redfish
Oct 30 - Beach buddies
Oct 30 - Gaftopsail catfish
We caught lots of these under the bridge
Nov 2 - Bucket full of redfish
6 fish at almost 35 pounds
Oct 29 - Heron landed on the boat rail-
What was he/she thinking???
Nov 4 - Flounder and Sheepshead
Our anniversary - dinner at Shipp's Harbour
Nov 5 - Our flounder stuffed with crab
Nov 6 - Nice slot red caught at the jetty
Oct 30 - The one that got away
Oct 27 - Rainbow

Nov 2 - Six slot reds

Nov 5 - Sunset Surf-fishing

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunset at the Pass

Sunset at the Pass
Last rays on the horizon
Peaceful close of day