Monday, July 7, 2014

Finally Fishing - Melton Hill Lake-Hickory Creek

Eight twenty-two, cool,
clear sky, calm water, heron
watching, fish waiting.

Heron watching

Nice catfish,  Bill and I each had one

Unusual catch. Close-up makes this 4 inch fish seem larger. Catching the mussel shells is unusual!
We took home a nice stringer of 8 blue-gills.

Early Summer Garden

Early morning air,
Cool, fresh and sweetly scented
Welcomes me today.

Bush Beans May 31

Yellow Squash, June 7

Raspberries,  June 24

Raspberries, June 24

Squash, June 24

Tomatoes, May 31

Beets and Carrots, June 27

Pole Beans, June 7
Pole Beans, June 24

Pole Beans July 7
Squash July 7, after a squash bug infestation

Tomatoes are ripening

Bell Peppers

Lots of apples and pears on the trees

Watts Bar Fun and also the Zoo

Fun afternoon with the Matzeks on Watts Barr Lake - June 14

Girls just gotta have fun!

Black-crowned night heron
American Egret and Cormorants

Great Blue Heron sunning, Black-crowned Heron in the back

Great Blue Heron sharing a perch with two cormorants

Knoxville Zoo, June 26

Joyce Kilmer Forest and Cherohala Skyway, June 12

On June 11-12, Bill and I stayed overnight in Robbinsville, NC, hiked in Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest on a rainy morning and drove home on the Cherolaha Skyway.

Raindrops and birdcall
No human sounds intruding
Poetry of trees.

Cherohala Skyway

One of many beautiful views

Bald River Falls, near Tellico Plains

Smokey Mtn Camping Trip May 26-28

May 26-27, Bill and I, along with Laura, Mike and Amanda (Claire at her own camp) camped at Elkmont in the hopes of seeing the synchronous fireflies. A night hike up Little River Trail did not disappoint, even though the fireflies were not numerous. It had been a cool damp May and they were getting a late start. In the afternoon, we drove to Clingman's Dome and hiked out to Andrew's Bald. Too early for the flame azaleas, but the views were spectacular and there were quite a few wildflowers on the trail.  Next day, we hiked to Laurel Falls. Along the way we saw a mama bear and cub, thankfully a safe distance away. The falls had lots of water and the Matzeks climbed to the bottom while Bill and I went on the Cade's Cove. Just the two of us camped there and enjoyed a leisurely drive the following morning.

Andrews Bald

Trail to Andrew's Bald

Clingman's Dome

Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls

Laurel Fall, hiking down

Laurel Falls, at the bottom
Mama Bear and Cub on the way to Laurel Falls
Mama Bear

Cades Cove Methodist Church
Mountain Laurel

Cades Cove turkey

Big Bear in Cades Cove

John Oliver Cabin

Cade's Cove Coyotee

Cades Cove

Cades Cove Tom