Friday, August 30, 2013

Big South Fork

Trip Log: Aug 28

 Left Cumberland Falls a little after 2 pm headed for Big South Fork. Made Leatherwood Ford in BSF about 4pm. Steep hairpins curves going down to the Big South Fork River crossing and the same back up the other side. Found a great campsite, 34D with no one near. At 7 pm stew is simmering and we have the campground to ourselves. The evening was amazingly quiet. Darkness came slowly. With no clouds or haze or light pollution, the night sky was amazing.
Leatherwood Ford, BSF

Bandy Creek Campground

Bats flying softly
Across open span of sky
Night falls quietly   

Starlight ascending
Rising from the earth twinkling
Firefly mating dance. 

Full darkness reveals
A heavenly host of stars

Trip Log Aug 29

Drove to the west side of BSF to hike Slave Falls Loop. Made the full loop including spurs to slave falls and needle arch. Indian rock house was very impressive. Total distance 4.2-4.5 miles. Too hot. 
Traveled home by way of Jamestown and Crossville.
Slave Falls was just a trickle.

Needle Arch

Indian Rock House was very impressive. Inside, you could here a occasionally feel drips of water.

Drip drippity drip
A cave is formed from eons
Of drippity drips

Cumberland Falls trip

Trip log: Aug 27-28
Beautiful views on a short hike around the falls. Hot. Bill remembered a family vacation to Cumberland Falls when he was 7-10 yrs old. We found the beach below the falls that was a swimming area before the pool was built in the 60s. He also remembered Dupont Lodge. We walked around the lodge and admired the great fireplace and log beams of the common room that was the dining room when he visited in the 50's. The new dining room overlooks the Cumberland River far below. Left CF little after 2 pm headed for Big South Fork.

Cumberland Fall with Rainbow. We were not here at the right time to see the Moonbow.

This used to be a swimming beach. Now even wading is prohibited.
Dupont Lodge, Front View

The back terrace overlooks the view below. Bill remembers seeing a play on this terrace in the 1950s

View from the terrace and dining room of Dupont Lodge

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Great way to start the morning:

Bill caught this Smallmouth early.

School of fish ahead
(too small)

Great way to end the morning:

Nice string of Bluegills for supper.
I actually caught about half of those fish.