Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lord of Encounter

Lord of Encounter,
Find me in me in my hiding place.
Restore me to light.

Lord of Encounter,
Comfort my fear and longing.
Restore me in love.

Lord of Encounter,
Rescue me from distraction.
Restore me to peace.

Lord of Encounter,
Challenge me to serve others.
Restore me to hope.

Lord of Encounter,
Join me in celebration,
Magnify my joy.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Taking Pictures - On a Hike to Abram's Falls

Taking Pictures

Why do I stop to take a picture?
I must have a thousand like it -
of birds and wildflowers
mountain streams and waterfalls.

Pausing to take a picture
makes me really look.
I see infinite color
angle of sun
play of light and shadow
perspective of size and distance.

When I'm still
I can hear birdsong
babble or murmur or rush of the stream
wind riffling through the leaves
rustle of a small creature.

I wonder about the other hikers
who pass me by not looking
at the vista I see
or the beauty of creation
intent on their destination
 or conversation


I am intent on the journey.
It is my meditation.
If the path is steep
I focus on my breath -
not for meditation
but for survival.
Breath is part of the journey, too.

Stopping to take a picture
Allows me to renew my breath
Slow my heart
Awaken my senses

And the journey goes on.