Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zen of Fishing

Years of intense preparation
Hours of patient waiting
Moments of sheer exhilaration.
Bull Red, 34 lbs, 43 inches, Nov 17. 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crimson Pitcher Plant

Crimson Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia leucophylla) 
Tarkiln Bayou State Park Preserve, Pensacola, FL
November 11, 2012

Today has been too windy to fish, so Bill and I packed a picnic and went to the Tarkiln Bayou Preserve just a few miles up the road. Tarkiln Bayou is set aside to protect four species of rare pitcher plants. After enjoying our picnic, we took the short 1/2 mile hike out to the bayou. On the way, we saw many of the plants. I had passed by them at first, thinking that we wouldn't see any in November. They are more abundant in the spring and early summer. When we return in March, we will take the wet prairie trail and hope to see the other species.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Deserted Places

Alone with Spirit
Renewed in meditation
Sometimes just alone. 

     A deserted place can be a refuge from the business of the world, a place for gaining sustenance and gathering strength, a place eagerly sought and hard to find. 

     A deserted place can also be where we find ourselves alone, friendless, abandoned, frightened, without the resources we need to live. 

     To intentionally find our deserted places may bring us peace that can help us in the times when the deserted places find us. 

Written July 10, 2012, as a response to an "Alive Now" online meditation.

At the Beach - Week 1

Flying Formation
Skimming surface, soaring up. 
Pelicans' air dance.
(Nov 2)

I couldn't catch them in flight, but I caught this one soaking up the sun. We were anchored next to the channel marker at the entrance to Perdido Pass. (Nov 5)

Gentle surf sound rock
In rhythm with my heartbeat
Music to sleep by.
(Nov 6)

Sharing surf and sand,
Seeking food, body and soul.
Sanderling and me
(Nov 9)

Bill's Big Red - 40 inches, 28 pounds - Poetry in Motion
(Nov 9)

Morning Prayer
Holy Spirit, wash me clean as the waves wash the shore.
Bathe me with holy light as the rising sun bathes the earth.
Fill me as the gentle breezes fill the air.
Abide with me, in me and through me.
(Nov 10)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Maple glorified
Its full beauty magnified
As death approaches.

My favorite maple tree signals the arrival of fall. I have passed by this tree nearly every day for almost 40 years. On a day such as this, it sets my spirit soaring.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break Campout at Melton Hill

October Airways

In purposeful flight
Geese flying low overhead
Announce their presence.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Splash of red on green
Dogwood and Sourwood color
September hills.

Bill and I made an RV trip last week to Roan Mountain State Park in upper East Tennessee. The weather was perfect for our goal: hike a ways on the AT along the high ridge balds, starting at Carver's Gap. The pictures below are just a few of the many I took of the breathtaking views. This is about as good as it gets in the East.

Our starting point

The ridges go on forever it seems

Goal #1 achieved, Jane Bald, 5807 ft

Grassy Ridge trail spits off the AT. We decide to press up Grassy Ridge
Looking back at Round Bald, 5826 ft, the first high point on the hike. We have to go back up before we are done.

That little path is part of the AT

Taking a break before finishing the climb.Views in every direction.

We made it to the top of Grassy Ridge, about 6000 ft and 2 miles from Carver's Gap.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Garden

August harvest speaks
In leaf and vine, flower and fruit
Its own color poem.

My august garden is not as prolific as it was in June and July, but it is still supplying us with fresh produce regularly. Fall greens have sprouted, and I'm looking forward to watching them grow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

BB King at Club Ebony

Brother Park accompanied me to Club Ebony in Indianola, MS, last night (8/22) to see and hear BB King and to experience the historic night club. It did not disappoint! We arrived after 8 pm and listened to the warm-up Mickey Rodgers Band while the seats gradually filled. BB King and his band got started around 11 pm and WOW! He still has the touch and his band is superb, playing a very upbeat version of blues. They were still going strong and the crowd was still loving it when we left. I am sharing just a few of my iPhone images below. For more information, explore the links below.