Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Winter

It is still winter, season of harsh, cruel beauty. I've been whining this week because our weather continues to be colder and wetter than average. Then I read Ev Barbee's blog, Arrows & Prayers ( She is in India, working in mission with women. She does a short term trip somewhere every year. Her writing is beautiful, thoughtful and convicts me of the pampered life I am fortunate to have. I don't know Ev, but I've become a follower. Her father has been my dentist since before she was born. Later the news shows the northeast, where people are truly suffering winter. How dare I complain. Yet I long for a warm sunny weekend like last so I can be outdoors and stretching my body. My garden vision for next weekend, barring rain:

Fiery ritual
Garden bed aflame
Dross and pests consumed by fire.

Two contrasting views on winter's past:

Winter Forest
Stripped of excess green
The winter forest reveals
its inner beauty.

Trees broken and torn
By nature's cold cruel hand.
Winter storm of ice.

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