Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Coast Images

I began writing haiku on an annual spring fishing trip to the Ala/Fla gulf coast, to Perdido Key, Fla. I share my images of the gulf coast to bring contrast to the images I see on TV today. The coastal waters and marshes are a treasure beloved by millions, those who make their life and living there, and those like my family who visit there as often as possible.

Images from Pensacola Pass, Intracoastal waterway and Gulf Island National Seashore near Perdido Key, Florida, March 2007:

Shimmering, splashing,
Thrashing, rolling, flashing fin,
Leaping, diving, gone!

The Catch
Feel sun and cool breeze.
Watch birds soar and fish feed.
Catch just one...Enough.
Empty beach, white sand
As far as the eye can see,
Recreate spirit.

Grand Isle, Louisiana, 2005-2006:

We had several great seasons fishing at Grand Isle, La. Then Katrina destroyed the fish camp we rented from friends and significantly damaged the island. The resilient people built back. The current man-made disaster will be more difficult to overcome. The images below are from 2005 and 2006. Eddie worked the rigs and loved to fish.  He put us on some great speckled trout. I wonder what he is doing now.

Orange Beach, Alabama is our favorite vacation spot. We typically go there twice a year and hope to spend more time there in retirement.  The debris in the photo below is natural, unlike that which is washing up today. As I observed in 2008:

Beach Debris

Scattered debris of
Broken shells, remnants of life
So fragile and brief.

I  have faith that eventually, life will win out and nature will heal. Someday again, the sea will provide for those on the gulf coast.

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