Thursday, September 8, 2011


Promise of autumn
Teases and relieves the heat
Steadfastness of change.

After a few days of much needed rain and cloudy cool weather, today was a good day to do some late summer maintenance and plant fall greens.  I'm anticipating spinach (bloomsdale), turnip greens (seven top), mustard (Florida broadleaf) and kale (dwarf siberian). If the winter is mild, they may last until spring. If not, they will provide for fall and early spring meals. 

Groundhog update: We removed three groundhogs from our property. We also trapped three raccoons but successfully removed only one. Two who were trapped together managed a get-away. We have not had any invaders for more than a week. Hopefully, the rain will restore some natural food supplies and they will not return this season. I think that next year I will plant them a cantaloupe patch outside the garden.

Through the Seasons








More change to come as seasons transition.

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