Saturday, November 10, 2012

At the Beach - Week 1

Flying Formation
Skimming surface, soaring up. 
Pelicans' air dance.
(Nov 2)

I couldn't catch them in flight, but I caught this one soaking up the sun. We were anchored next to the channel marker at the entrance to Perdido Pass. (Nov 5)

Gentle surf sound rock
In rhythm with my heartbeat
Music to sleep by.
(Nov 6)

Sharing surf and sand,
Seeking food, body and soul.
Sanderling and me
(Nov 9)

Bill's Big Red - 40 inches, 28 pounds - Poetry in Motion
(Nov 9)

Morning Prayer
Holy Spirit, wash me clean as the waves wash the shore.
Bathe me with holy light as the rising sun bathes the earth.
Fill me as the gentle breezes fill the air.
Abide with me, in me and through me.
(Nov 10)

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