Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advent Photo Meditations - Week 1

Rethink Church, a project of the United Methodist Church, is sponsoring an Advent photo-a-day project for social media. I haven't figured out how to pin on their site, so I'm creating my own using their word prompts for each each. To find out more, or participate, go to UMRethinkChurch or their tumblr site.

Day 1 - Go

Go with God's flow.
He always leads us forward
To His love and peace.

Day 2 - Bound

Bonds of blood and love,
Grace, kinship, friendship, duty
Gladly knotted tight.

Day 3 - Peace

In quiet moments,
In unexpected beauty,
God's peace finds, fills me.

Day 4 - Time

Broken treasures,
Beauty and purpose entwined,
Formed together slowly over time.
Twists and turns made a life.
Eventually, slowly or suddenly, broken.
Outer layers cracked, meaning eroded
'Til only beauty remains.
Beauty is purpose enough
For broken treasures.

Day 5 - Flood

Mississippi mud - 
Roads and fields and streams all brown.
Source of life and wealth.

Day 6 - Awake

Pink, yellow, orange,
Blue infusing sunrise sky.
Beach day one begins.

Day 7 - Ready

Still, the Heron waits.
Watching, anticipating movement.
The sea will provide.

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