Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four days of fishing

The weather has been perfect for fishing, calm water, light breeze, temperature just right. We trolled and lost another plug on when something took it hard and fast. It eventually broke before spooling all the line. We fished the jetties in the morning and the pass in the evenings, except Saturday.

October 24:
Sunset at the pass
Another redfish landed.
Pattern established.

20 pounds, 35 inches, caught on a pinfish, under the bridge at 6:25 pm

October 25:

When lines go zinging

Never know what to expect.
Two sharks to the boat.

October 26:
Four hours, four fish:
Pompano, Mangrove Snapper,
Redfish, Bluefish, too.

18 pounds, 30 inches, caught at the jetties on shrimp.

October 27:
Shark in the morning
Stingray broke the line, that's it!
Redfish at sunset.
22 pounds, 37 inches, caught under the bridge on pinfish at 6:30.

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