Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beach Life with Matzeks - Oct 10 - 18

October 16-18
Matzeks left early Sunday morning. Friday and Saturday were primarily beach days. Bill and I got in a little fishing on Friday.
Moon taken through the scope using iPhone

Another one landed in the dark. Not as big as he looks.

October 15
A busy day began with a sunrise walk on the beach with Claire and Amanda. The gulf was as flat as it gets, so we took a boat ride beyond the jetties and in front of the condo. The was was crystal clear and we could see schools of fish as well as many skates and rays. On the way back, Bill dropped off the rest of us on Hermit Crab Island for couple of hours of exploration and fun. Later, we rode in the boat to Tacky Jack's for supper.

October 14
Beach day, snorkeling, Claire fishing with us, successful dolphin hunt at sunset.

October 12:
Began like most days with an early beach walk, then tennis for Laura, Mike, Amanda and Bill. Claire collected hermit crabs at the dock and played with them for a while. Matzeks spent part of the day on Hermit Crab Island (known locally as Robinson Island).

October 11
Matzeks arrived on Saturday about 5 pm so they had a little time for the beach before dark. On Sunday, they rented a paddleboard for the afternoon and enjoyed the mild surf in front of the condo.

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