Thursday, August 27, 2015

Surplus of Beauty

Nature is wanton
sparing neither her wrath nor
surplus of beauty.

Instead of our usual walk through Melton Hill Dam Park, Bill and I walked down toward the river and then up the trail to the overlook. The whole route is about 2 miles. Bill walked ahead of me on the trail, wielding his walking stick like a sword, slaying the spider webs strung across the way. He provided a clear path for my feet and freed me for observation and reflections. It can be hard to see anything new when walking a familiar path. In a couple of weeks, the yellow partridge peas will be replaced by goldenrod, ironweed and joe-pye. Near the top of the ridge, ground cedar (Diphasiastrum digitatum) still grows abundantly as it may have for thousands of years. It is actually a member of the club moss family which is one of the most most ancient of vascular plants. 

Clearing a path
Partridge Pea

Ground Cedar with Fern

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