Friday, May 12, 2017

Taking Pictures - On a Hike to Abram's Falls

Taking Pictures

Why do I stop to take a picture?
I must have a thousand like it -
of birds and wildflowers
mountain streams and waterfalls.

Pausing to take a picture
makes me really look.
I see infinite color
angle of sun
play of light and shadow
perspective of size and distance.

When I'm still
I can hear birdsong
babble or murmur or rush of the stream
wind riffling through the leaves
rustle of a small creature.

I wonder about the other hikers
who pass me by not looking
at the vista I see
or the beauty of creation
intent on their destination
 or conversation


I am intent on the journey.
It is my meditation.
If the path is steep
I focus on my breath -
not for meditation
but for survival.
Breath is part of the journey, too.

Stopping to take a picture
Allows me to renew my breath
Slow my heart
Awaken my senses

And the journey goes on.

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