Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oct 15-18 - Matzek Family

October 15: Matzeks and Claire's friend Kenna arrived around 1 pm, just as we were leaving at Johnson Beach. Of course, the girls couldn't wait to get on the beach and in the surf. We spent the afternoon enjoying the beach and surf fishing.

October 16: After a morning on our beach, we took the Matzeks to Robinson Island in Perdido Pass. They call it Hermit Crab Island, because they remember that they can find "gazillions" of hermit crabs there. They spent the afternoon exploring and playing while we fished nearby (no luck). After we picked them up, we went for a very successful dolphin ride along the back of Ono Island.


We got very close to the dolphin group.
Dolphins feeding!

October 17:  Bill and I got up early on a very calm morning to try our luck at finding the Minton East Reef. After much trial and error, we found the reef and found Red Snapper easy to catch. However, it is not Red Snapper season, so we couldn't keep them. We decided not to continue fishing there, since that seemed to be the only species to catch. After lunch, we took the Matzeks to the island again and fished the jetties. We caught several small pomano, blue fish and gray snapper, but no keepers.

October 18: Saturday and last beach day:

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