Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct 7-12 - David's family

October 7: Tuesday morning we went to the Naval Aviation Museum. Owen pronounced the experience "incredible."

October 8: After a morning on the beach, David and family headed back home, leaving at 2 pm.

October 9:  Late afternoon fishing was not productive. We came back to the dock just in time to see the moon rising.
Blood moon coming up
Impossibly large and red
Over Perdido.

October 10: Started out early and fished all morning. It was a little too rough at the jetties and beyond so we went to our old standby dock behind Ono Island. Results: 1 redfish at the upper edge of the slot, 1 Spanish mackerel and 2 Black Drum.

Redfish filet for supper, served with crab Alfredo.

October 11: Mississippi State Beat Auburn! Made a good fish salad out of the mackerel.

October 12 (Sunday): At the beach just before dawn for some surf fishing. Caught 3 whiting which were fileted for supper.

Surf fishing at dawn
Worshipping the Creator
In Her Creation.

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